Affordable Website Hosting

If you have no idea what you are doing in regards to web design, directing cyber traffic to your website or anything else that is technical, you will want a web host that has accessible tech support. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is optimal as servers are known to go down at any time. For “full service” users, you can still expect affordable web hosting; however, it still may be a bit more than what an experienced web user pays with another company where only support via email or IM is available.

It’s all a matter of perspective. You get what you think you are paying for. Determine how much money you think you can spend for your website hosting. Extrapolate that out to determine if you are getting a good bargain or getting stiffed on the service. There are some plans that are as low as two dollars a month. While that is an affordable web hosting price, what exactly are you getting for it? If you have to spend any excess time trying to get support, you are actually losing money. After all, your time is valuable too.

Some of the most popular website hosting companies here:

1. DreamHost

2. Hostgator: This is one of the most popular web hosting providers in the world and currently hosts more than one million sites. It began as a small startup company that continues to expand during the years and offers very low monthly affordable plans for anyone wishing to start their fist online venture.

3. GoDaddy: This is one of the most glamorous and coveted hosting providers of all. With massive advertising campaigns and sponsorship of famous sporting events, one can expect to enjoy the excellent levels of customer service that would give an immediate response to your queries even when you are not a registered customer yet! Enjoy the extra add-ons such as low cost domain names and the instant site builder that makes it easy to create a presence on the internet without requiring much technical knowledge. Hosting just $1.99/mo! 468x60

4. Hostmonster: This is a very popular hosting company that offers yearly plans at huge discount for its members. If you are hosted here, you can be assured of quick customer service and reliable servers to host your sites. The company offers amazing uptime compared to other web hosting providers in its class. This is certainly the best way to go if you want quality that money can buy.

5. IXWebhosting: This is another great web hosting provider that gives you real value for you money by offering up to eight IP addresses for each hoisting package. All of us know how expansive and scarce IP addresses are these days and getting one rolled into a hosting package is certainly a deal you don’t want to miss.

6. LunarPages: This is another popular web hosting provider around that offers low prices than the rest of the pack. LunarPages lets you enjoy the reliable, powerful server plus the exceptional customer service that comes with each package. If you want the lowest cost possible for hosting your company’s website, then a LunarPage solution will be right for you.