How To Find Router IP Address in Mac and Linux

Read this tutorial to find out how to locate your router’s login IP Address with any Mac or Linux Computer. This is a step-by-step manual which everyone can follow. I suggest all of you men reading this informative article word by phrase to find out this subject properly. Every Apparatus on a system is identified by a particular address that’s popularly called IP Address. So, exactly as with any other device on the world wide web, your router has an IP Address too. You want your router current login IP address to get the Admin panel in the event you would like to modify the password or any preferences of your apparatus. In the majority of the scenarios, it’s not tough to receive router IP address because it’s published in its box and instructions guide.

But, there are instances once we do not have access to both of these and many people confront problems in these situations. But do not worry we will enable you to locate router IP address on Mac and Linux. The manual in this guide is unique to Mac and Linux operating systems, in the event that you wish to locate router IP address on Windows, you are able to follow this link. that’s the default IP address of nearly all of the wireless routers may not help when your ISP 192.168.o.1 change password. Therefore, for this particular situation, we’ve written this manual that will enable you if your router’s default IP address is altered. Thus without waiting, let us jump into the measures.

How To Locate Router’s IP Address In Mac

You simply have to follow these steps to understand your router IP address on Mac. The procedure to discover the router’s IP address will be same regardless of if your Mac is on the router with Ethernet or over WiFi.

Open System Preferences by clicking on the apple’s emblem on the top menu bar.
From the System Preferences drop-down menu, then select Network option.
Click Ethernet or WiFi based on if your Mac is connected to a cable or WiFI network.
From the present display, you can realize your router’s IP address written below Subnet Mask.

The Best Way To Locate Router’s IP Address In Linux

Open a terminal by browsing to Programs> System Tools> Terminal.
When the terminal is available, enter the following command: IP route | grep default.
You are going to realize your router’s IP address at the output signal which will look something like that: joe$ IP route | grep default through dev eth0 proto static.
In this circumstance, the default router IP address is

The best way to login into Admin Panel of your Wireless Router

As soon as you get the IP address of your router, then the next step is to log into the Admin panel of your router. Should you want any help for this it’s possible to follow the actions mentioned below.

Launch your favorite browser while being on the router, we recommend using Firefox Quantum over Chrome.
Sort the router’s IP address you have by following the previous procedure (be certain that you don’t use http:// before the IP address).
As soon as you hit enter you will see a login screen on your router. You have to enter your username and password to log into. It’ll look something like the screenshot that we’ve attached below.