Best Elliptical Machines 2018 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

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Selection of ellipticals with different characteristics so you can find the one that best suits you. We propose simpler models and others more sophisticated, with varied prices and specific services for each type of user.


Excellent elliptical ergonomic design and great value for money. It has a profile of easy access and the distance between pedals is minimal to favor a comfortable and correct position during exercise. This model allows a stride of 33 centimeters and has a magnetic brake. It is characterized by its great stability and supports a maximum weight of 150 kilos. In addition, it has anti-slip pedals of large dimensions to promote a good grip and ensure safety. The flywheel assumes a mass of 7 kilos.

This model also has a simple electronic LCD monitor. The screen provides basic information such as time, speed, revolutions per minute and calorie consumption. We can also see on the monitor the heart rate status, which is measured with sensors that incorporate the handlebar. The memory of this Elliptical Machines under 500 has 9 predefined programs that will help us organize our exercise session and perform a complete job.


Simple model of very economic price. It has the basic features to make a comfortable maintenance exercise. The controls are all manual and its operation is very simple. Because of its small size, the stride distance is not very large. These basic characteristics can be an inconvenience for people who are already accustomed to using ellipticals and other gym equipment, so this model may be somewhat small. However, it is a perfect elliptical for users who use this type of equipment for the first time. It also has a support surface at the height of the abdomen to ensure a correct position of the back and to help balance the posture.

On the other hand, although it is foldable, as it is small if you want it can be left unfolded permanently without its presence being a major hindrance. It is the best option for small rooms. In addition, weighs only 20 kilos, so you can move without great difficulty.


Elliptical simple and at the same time complete. The mass of the flywheel is 8 kilos. It also has a fixed handlebar that allows to change position during the march to change positions and objectives during the exercise. It has a user-friendly monitor that provides varied information, such as time, distance, calories consumed and speed. Although the information of the monitor and the controls is only expressed in English, you can learn to use it in a short time. This model has sensors on the fixed handlebar that allow us to measure our pulse during exercise. This elliptical also allows the option of establishing one of the 8 possible stages offered by the machine to perform the exercise session. The resistance adjustment is done manually.

This model supports a maximum weight of 120 kilos and has a magnetic braking system. It also has the possibility of establishing 3 adjustment positions for the feet depending on the size and preferences of each person.


Elliptical chest of stable construction in steel and hard plastic. It does not have a fixed handlebar but the flywheel can be adjusted to 4 different heights depending on the person’s height and position during the exercise. In addition, the grips are safe and padded for comfort despite the time of activity on the machine. This model supports a maximum weight of 100 kilos and the support points are made of rubber to protect the ground and to offer the greatest stability during its use. It also has wheels to easily move it to store it or to perform training in a different room.

This model has a monitor with LCD screen that provides basic information such as distance, speed, calories consumed and pulse. It also has extra features to organize an optimal training session. This elliptical allows strides up to 33 centimeters long, in a width of 14 centimeters. The surface of the stride is also non-slip.


Model Hammer brand, black and white. Its design is more sophisticated than that of many ellipticals in the market despite having great features. It allows a set inertia of 18 kilos and that of the steering wheel is 12 kilos. It has wheels to facilitate comfortable transport. This device has 8 voltage levels

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